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Steven Kellams retired in 2019 as the Administrative Captain for the Bloomington Police Department in Bloomington Indiana. Captain Kellams attended Indiana University from 1987 to 1991. In 1989 he graduated from the Indiana University Police Academy. In 1991 he was hired by the Bloomington Police Department and was assigned to night shift before being promoted to Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain. During his time with BPD he served as a breath-test operator, bike patrol officer, field training officer, senior field training officer, and field training manager. He has also served the department as Civil Disturbance Unit Commander and Special Investigations Unit Commander. As Administrative Captain he was responsible for Public Information, Internal Affairs, Recruiting and Hiring, and Training.

In 2000 Captain Kellams was instrumental in redesigning the field training program for the Bloomington Police Department and has taught that program to hundreds of departments throughout Indiana and the United States. He has also instructed on field training issues at the national level when he presented courses at the 2002, 2009, 2010, and 2011 National Association of Field Training Officers conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Madison, Wisconsin, Denver, Colorado, and Phoenix, Arizona.


In 2000 Captain Kellams was elected state director for the Indiana Chapter of the National Association of Field Training Officers. In 2005 he was elected to the Executive Board of the National Association of Field Training Officers and in 2008 he was the National President of NAFTO. In 2005 Captain Kellams was named Monroe County Officer of the Year for his work with the Bloomington Police Departments Field Training Program.


In 2014 Captain Kellams began teaching for a national training company and continues to teach for LLRMI. He teaches a variety of courses through his company Blue Canary Consulting. Courses include How to be an Effective FTO (4.5 day course), FTO Certification course (4.5 day course only offered through LLRMI), Managing and Supervising the FTO Unit (2.5 day course), Fundamental Leadership for the FTO (2 day course), Public Information Officer for Small to Medium Departments (1.5 day course), Investigating Citizen Complaints and Officer Misconduct for the Supervisor (2.5 day course), and Investigating Officer Involved Shootings (2.5 day course). These courses are offered through LLRMI and Blue Canary Consulting.